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About Us

Whether you’re planning to move into one of your college’s dorm rooms or take advantage of off campus housing this semester, We’re sure you have a huge moving or dorm room checklist full of essentials that you need to stock up on before it’s time to leave.With all that you need to do to prepare for going away to college, finding free hours to shop for all of those much-needed items like dinnerware and cookware are sure to be a challenge. On top of that, you also have to make a considerable investment to purchase the items, which will put a strain on your budget. Moving tips will tell you to monitor sales ads for discounts and to drive from store to store to compare prices, but who has time for that?

Fresh Start Rental is the alternative to wasting time shopping for the items on your checklist and to paying steep prices upfront for your essentials. Our rental service allows you to get the essentials that you need delivered right to your door. We can send your essentials to dorm rooms or to off campus housing, so that you don’t even have to pack it into the car.

With our service, you’ll save time and money, and when your rental contract ends and you no longer have use for these items, you can simply return them to us and collect your claim back reward. You even get to pick the length of your rental contract from different lengths of time that best suit your needs.

A family-owned and operated company, Fresh Start Rental was founded by Carl and Connie Heugh. After 10 years of marriage and raising two children, the couple decided to open their company to fill a need that they knew existed in their community and in others across the country. Their ultimate goal is to help make the transition to college as simple as possible for students and their families.

Our team would be glad to answer any questions that you might have and provide our expertise to make your transition super simple.So check out our packages…




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