‘Fresh Start Rental,’ – a company gaining popularity at a blistering pace in the country, got featured as the ‘Business of the Week’ on the No. 1 Hit Music Radio Station in the Western Cape in South Africa – 94.5 Kfm. Connie Heugh, the co-founder of the company was interviewed by Ryan O’Connor of 94.5 Kfm radio. During the same, Connie briefed about their services as well as the future plans of the company.

Whilst on Air, Connie said that the need for such a service is required more now than ever before. She added that most kids simply like the idea of leaving their parent’s home and starting an independent life away from any kind of restrictions, however, the fact is that they do not understand the ins and outs of living alone and the responsibilities that comes along with that. Living in dorm rooms requires a lot of basic essentials. Purchasing these takes a lot of time, effort and money and Fresh Start Rental provides an affordable alternative to acquiring their kitchen essentials, thereby helping students save on all three.

The host of the show termed the service of the company as a ‘one stop solution’ when it comes to packing for college. The company is currently offering its services in the Western Cape Province and plans to expand globally, in near future. When contacted just after the interview, Connie said, “We did our research and found that the issue is present on a global scale. We are planning to expand our services globally within the next few years.”

The company offers three packages for the students to consider and choose according to their needs, preferences and budget. These include Basic, Premium and Deluxe. In order to avail the service, students just need to create an account, choose a pack, set up the delivery address and date and the kitchenware will be delivered by the company.

About Fresh Start Rental

Fresh Start Rental is a South Africa based company that will start operations in June 2014. The company offers kitchen essentials to students across the country on a contract basis at affordable prices.

Feb. 23, 2014 – ALL, South Africa — January 20, 2013