packsThere are 3 different options available : Basic, Premium and Deluxe.

The crockery, cookware and utensils we provide are of the highest quality – Shopping around may yield you lower prices and cheaper alternatives, but these will not be of the same high quality as the products we provide.  Why Compromise?

melHi Connie and Carl. I want to say congratulations on your business buying affordable kitchen utensils for students. I think it is a brilliant idea and I support it hundred percent, this definitely helps students especially the young men that are not so fond of shopping. You business helps the students to concentrate on their studies and puts them at ease. It helps the settle in faster also, not worrying about finding the right utensils. This also saves them money, so they don’t go for the cheap stuff and end up having to replace them before they are done with university. I wish you guys were there when I was a student to make my life easier:) wishing you all the success! Mel