Fresh Start Rental has rented to the customer, who has hired, the equipment described herein on the standard Fresh Start Rental terms and conditions set out on the pages below. The customer acknowledges that the subscriber application information that he/she provided and which is stored electronically is true and correct.


WAIVER: Fresh Start Rental will deliver equipment in good working order. Thereafter, the customer is required to take care of and prevent any harm to the equipment in order to prevent damage to Property accordingly. The customer indemnifies Fresh Start Rental against any claims arising from the use or abuse of the equipment



  1. Definitions

1.1 “Customer” means the person renting the Equipment from Fresh Start Rental

1.2 “Equipment” means the Equipment rented from Fresh Start Rental as described above and any Equipment substituted for that Equipment from time to time.

1.3 Fresh Start Rental from hereon will be referred in its abbreviated form as “FSR”

  1. Letting, Duration & Ownership

2.1 FSR hereby rents the Equipment to the Customer, who rents the Equipment from FSR on a semester term, from the date that it is installed until either FSR or the Customer gives 30 (thirty) days written notice of termination to the

Other or the Contract Term has ended.

2.1.1 Whereby termination requested by FSR. The customer will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

2.1.2 Whereby termination requested by Customer. FSR will be entitled to charge administration and pick up fee.

2.2 The Customer recognises that FSR is entitled to assess their existence, details and propensity to pay and accordingly consents to FSR accessing relevant databases for the purposes of assessing this and to FSR providing information to such databases on the Customer’s propensity to pay monies due to FSR.

2.3 FSR is the owner of the Equipment and will remain the owner of the Equipment during the period of this agreement and afterwards.

  1. Delivery, Acceptance and Pickup

3.1 FSR will, once the first yearly rental has been paid, deliver the Equipment to the Customer at the installation address specified above as soon as is reasonably possible. Drop off and pick will be arranged by Client with FSR prior to delivery and pick up on a date suited by both parties.

3.2 FSR reserves the right to charge a reasonable collection and administration fee for collecting the Equipment if the rental is terminated prior the elapse of six months from the date of installation. This fee is agreed to be an amount of R350.

3.5 If a staff member or family member at the delivery address signs FSR delivery note, such signature shall be as if the Customer had signed.

3.6 FSR expects that when the unit is delivered, any missing items will be reported and noted by the FSR delivery team

3.6 No units may be moved off campus. If the customer moves off campus or leaves school, he/she is responsible for arranging the return of the rental unit to FSR

  1. Rentals

4.1 The Customer will pay the semester rental specified by the Customer contract term as FSR advises the Customer that FSR has accepted the Customer’s offer to hire the Equipment.

4.3 FSR may, in its discretion increase the semester rental payable by no more than 10% in any one year.

  1. Payment

5.1 Acceptable forms of payment include EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), PayFast or Cash on delivery

5.2 All payments due by the Customer to FSR will be made, without deduction or set-off, by means of an EFT payment directly into FSR bank Account

**Bank details…… or


5.3 FSR may charge the Customer a late payment fee on any rental payment not made on or before the due date, should this apply.

  1. Claim Back

6.1 A cleaning/repair/damage charge will be rendered and deducted from the Claim back if goods are returned in an untidy/damaged condition, fair wear and tear exempted.

6.2 The deposit will be returned to the renter at the termination of the Contract provided the renter has complied with all terms and conditions of the Contract.

  1. Breach

7.1 Without prejudice to any other claims and remedies that FSR may have against the Customer, FSR may cancel and terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the Customer breaches any term of this agreement and remains in breach for a period of seven days from the date upon which the breach first occurred.

  1. General

8.1 These Terms and Conditions of Rental, together with the appendices hereto, constitute the sole record of the agreement between FSR and the Customer with regard to the Equipment, and FSR shall not be bound by any representation, warranty, or implied term not recorded herein.

8.2 No addition to, variation or consensual cancellation of this agreement shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed on behalf of FSR. No indulgence which FSR may grant to a Customer shall constitute a waiver of any of FSR rights.

8.3 The Customer hereby indemnifies FSR against any loss or damage suffered by FSR arising out of or in connection with the Customer’s use of the Equipment/Bike Rental from whatever cause and against any claims of whatever nature that may be instituted against FSR arising from the use of the Equipment and any consequential loss or damage arising from the a foregoing.

8.4 If the customer changes dorm rooms, FSR must be notified at least one week prior to the move. Please write to us at or

8.5 The renter will not sell, offer to sell, use as security, lend or promise the goods to any third party.